Throughout my career, I’ve successfully delivered products in various professional settings. Discover what my collaborators and project stakeholders have shared about their experiences:

“Ryan — I’m amazed at how well you do putting this together, summarizing and finding the right level of detail. In my career, I’ve had this process in place for at least 15 years. You’re by far the best of them all! I really appreciate how well you do this, and want you to know it! Thanks a lot Ryan!”


“Wow, I’m very impressed with this, Ryan. This is probably more comprehensive than anything the rest of the corporation currently has. There are lots of insights in this that can be very helpful in ensuring we are communicating most effectively during WFH.”

– JD

“It was a pleasure working with Ryan. His accomplishments in improving our visibility as a department and his skill as an editor are impressive. Also, the work Ryan did to update our webpage was logical, efficient, and will allow us to take full advantage of an expanded digital footprint.”


“This newsletter was mind-blowing. So comprehensive. It’s really a magazine instead of a newsletter!”


“I just heard back from the graduate school and they made almost no changes in formatting thanks to your good work.”

– MC

“Ryan did a splendid job of editing my manuscript and putting it into appropriate style.”


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