About Me

Ryan Ruiz is a musician & hobbyist from the Philiadelphia / South Jersey area. Since 2010 this site has served to show-case and promote a variety of his musings, most prominently being his music. Transient in nature, spontinuity abound, visitors can find songs recorded both live and in-studio via the music page. New music is added as it is produced, but guitar tabs are added on a consistent basis.

+ Credentials

  /Instruments played/ Guitar, vocals; piano, percussion, & bass
  /Guitar since/ 2000
  /Other music related/ Tracking & mixing studio tracks, good listener

+ Interests

  /General/ Taking things apart and putting them back together
  /Music/ Grateful Dead, Beatles, Bob Dylan, 100+
  /Art/ Dali, Van Gogh
  /Literature/ Mark Twain, Existentialist, Modernist & Post Modernist, Beatnik, Ken Kesey, Hunter S. Thompson