Traffic Cone for 2012

The United States of America has been blessed by the fortune of being woven by the individual’s uniqueness; blending together to create a collaborate effort towards what many refer to as “The American Dream”. However, day after day, the elephant in the room – being the latter part of the last 25 years which has not only kaput our coffers, but drained the very spirit of what it means to be an American – grows louder and louder. We must not only restore The United States of America’s former glory, but improve on that which our predecessors have failed – both economically and socially. Ideally, one uses the past as a template and adapts future actions to the constant evolution of social dynamics. I believe we need to take a good hard look in the mirror and re-evaluate priorities, entitlements, expectations, and social responsibilities. We need a plan that everyone believes in. We need to execute that plan. It won’t be easy, but nothing that is worth it ever is. Together we can overcome this goliath obstacle we face, and together – through true confidence, not the bravado we boast today, hard-work, understanding, and compromise – we will establish the new American Dream; our American Dream – one to believe in!

- Traffic Cone

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