2013 Summer Setup – Civic Wheel & Suspension Teaser


Hello! This year’s warm weather Civic wheel & suspension gear is all here, and I’m just waiting for the right time to put it all together. Here are some teaser pictures.



These are the wheels – Rota Grid 17×9 +25. They weigh about 18 lbs or so if I’m not mistaken (a little on the heavy side!), but for the price I consider it to be reasonable. Finish and paint look good, and its well constructed.




The wheels are wrapped in Continental ExtremeContact DW Max Performance Summer tire. The specs are 225/45/17 – nice and beefy! Nothing else to say except they look amazing and I can’t wait to put them on the road.




These neochrome lugs are made by Zerg Industries. They look great and, though they are exceptunately light-weight, are reasonably solid lugs. The machining quality, however, left me disappointed. I have to use two different sockets to get all of them off since the edges on some aren’t machined correctly. I purchased them from e-bay, so it could be a batch containing some erred product, but it is kind of a hassle.




Despite having Ingalls camber sliders, the -1.75 degrees of camber is not enough to facilitate the size of the tire with the offset of the wheel on my car. In order to fit them, adding a larger amount of negative camber is needed. This is where the Skunk2 V2 camber arms come in. Giving me +/-3.00 degrees of camber, I will have more than enough to get them to work.